User Groups

This page will explain how to setup User Groups in the TRAKnet Application.

User Groups

The User Groups section of the properties tab is used to create groups of users.

User Groups

Along the top of the User Group screen there are three main buttons.

  • Add — Opens the Add New Group editor window.
  • Modify — Modifies the selected Group
  • Remove — Removes the selected Group

There are two ways to search for an existing group.

  • Name — Searches by group name.
  • Physician — Searched by Physicians in the groups.

Adding a Group

After clicking the Add button the User Group Editor window will appear.

  • Group Name - User Groups Name, this is a required field.
  • TIN — Tax Identification number, this is the groups tax identification number.
  • Physicians — The list of Physicians to be included in the group.

Selecting Physicians

When adding a group multiple Physicians can be selected for the group.


To select Physicians click the tree dots in the right of the field and the select Physicians pop up will appear. To add a physician check off the desired check box and click save. Provider can be removed by performing the same process.

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