User Adjustment Report

The User Adjustment report provides in-depth adjustment information per the user who posts the adjustment.


Summary – lists the totals for adjustment line items entered and the total balance of those adjustments.
Detailed – further breaks down each user showing what payment type was used for the adjustment, how many of that payment type and the total balance for each payment type.



Start Date/End Date – only includes adjustments applied to charges whose service date is in the specified range and payments and adjustments whose date of payment is in the specified range.
Locations – only include activity related to the selected locations.
Users – only include activity by the selected users.
Date Filter – designates whether the date range should reference the specified service date/payment date or the date that charge/payment was entered into the system.
Show Unapplied Payments - Determines whether or not to include Unapplied payments in the results of the report.

Sample Reports

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