Basic Unable to Connect Troubleshooting

This page will explain basic troubleshooting tips for an Unable to Connect in both TRAKnet v2.0 and TRAKnet v3.0.

TRAKnet 3.1

The below steps will explain how to identify, troubleshoot, and what steps to take next when faced with an unable to connect in TRAKnet 3.0.

What is an Unable to Connect?

Unable to connect errors in TRAKnet 3.1 can be identified by a pop up stating Unable to connect when starting the TRAKnet application.


Basic Troubleshooting

TRAKnet 3.1 stores the server computer information in a shared database that is tied directly to your Practice ID and Code. As a result, it is your Practice ID and Code you will need on hand to troubleshoot this issue.

Below are some basic steps to take to troubleshoot:

  1. Confirm that the server computer is turned on and is connected to the internet. TRAKnet cannot access your database if the computer where the database is located, aka the server computer, is not turned on and online.
  2. Close out of TRAKnet and reopen. Sometimes TRAKnet or your PC may have momentarily been unable to access the server - simply restarting the application may resolve the issue.
  3. Re-configure your Practice ID and Code.

To accomplish the third step, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. From the login screen of TRAKnet, click Auto Configure.
  2. Enter your Practice ID and Code, which were sent to you upon first installing TRAKnet 3.1.
  3. Click "Auto Configure." This will re-configure your TRAKnet 3.1 settings.
  4. Once this process has completed, click OK.

If you are still getting the Unable to connect pop up, there may be a more technical issue happening behind the scenes.

Next Steps

If the above steps do not resolve your Unable to Connect error message, it is possible that something more technical is happening, and it is recommended your office reach out to the TRAKnet Support Center at 248-213-9900. To expedite your issue, please have the following information available when calling:

  • The name and location of your server computer. TRAKnet Support may need to connect to your server computer as well as the computer that cannot connect, so please be sure to confirm this is possible.
  • The name of your IT provider and contact information in the event general IT is required as well.
  • The name of your practice and your practice telephone number.
  • Internet access to Zoho Customer Support, the tool TRAKnet support will use to connect to your computers.
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