Treatments By Providers Report

The Treatments by Providers report is a standard billing report found under the Billing Dashboard, in Reports. This report is used to get an overview of the treatments that have been rendered and the total amount that has been billed and collected for each code. This report references any treatment that has been placed on an invoice regardless if they were submitted to insurance, patient responsible or if “Bill Ready” has been marked for the specified Encounter.


  • Summary – lists each provider with the treatments that have rendered along with the total times billed, the total amount billed and collected and the average amount for which each treatment was billed and collected. Totals for each provider will be listed below the charges.
  • Detailed – lists the treatments under each provider, but will further break down the treatments to show charges that make up the report. For each charge the service date, quantity, price per item, tax rate and total price are listed based on quantity. Totals for each charge will be listed below.



  • Date Range – specify the starting date and ending date for the report. With the date range set, the charges will be filtered according to the service date for that individual charge.
  • Treatment Codes – only pull up the treatments specified. Type the code into this box; you may enter multiple codes separating each with a comma.
  • Locations – choose only charges that were rendered at the specified location. This is based on the location set for the Encounter to which the charge is located.
  • Provider – choose only charges that were rendered by the specified provider(s). This is based on the provider set for the Encounter to which the charge is located.
  • Insurance - choose only charges for specified insurance(s). This is based on the primary insurances set for the Encounter to which the charge is located.

Sample Reports

txbypro1.JPG txbypro2.JPG
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