TransFirst Merchant Accounts

TRAKnet 3.0 partners with TransFirst for integrated credit card processing. The TransFirst Merchant Accounts setting, present under properties is where account information is documented to configure integrated credit card processing.


Adding TransFirst Merchant Accounts

Under the TransFirst Merchant Accounts category, click the green Add symbol to open the TransFirst Merchant Account Editor window. The below fields must then be populated. The information will be provided by TransFirst.

  • Account Name — The name to identify the merchant account in TRAKnet. This is specific to TRAKnet only.
  • Gateway/Merchant ID — The Gateway/Merchant ID as given by TransFirst for this merchant account. *Note* This will be your Gateway ID for TRAKnet's purposes.
  • Hosted Key — The Hosted Key as given by TransFirst for this merchant account.
  • Registration Key — The Registration Key as given by TransFirst for this merchant account.

About TransFirst

NOTE: The process for providing a patient refund with TransFirst has changed from TRAKnet 2.0. Deleting a patient credit card payment that was processed through TransFirst will automatically issue a refund to the patient. For more information about patient refunds, click here.

Additional Material

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