This page will explain the basics of setting up and accessing TigerView through TRAKnet.

What is TigerView?


TigerView is an electronic x-ray imaging software that directly integrates with TRAKnet. For more information about the TigerView product, please visit the Televere Systems website, here. This page will explain how to set up the filepath to the TigerView application and how to access TigerView in TRAKnet. For assistance setting up the TigerView software, please contact the Televere support staff.

Setting the Filepath

To allow access to the TigerView application from inside of TRAKnet, you must first set the filepath for the Tigerview application. To do so, follow the below steps:

  1. From the main screen of TRAKnet, click on Tools.
  2. Select Options.
  3. In Options, scroll down to Integration.
  4. Under TigerView, confirm that the filepath is correct. The default is C:\Program Files\TigerView\Tiger1.exe.
  5. If this is incorrect, click the "…" box at the end of this line.
  6. Browse to the correct filepath.
  7. Click Close to save your changes.

Using TigerView

To use TigerView in TRAKnet, you must first open a patient's chart.

Once in a patient's chart, click on the Orders drop-down menu, then click TigerView. This will open that patient in the TigerView application, where you may then review all x-rays.

Upon opening TigerView through TRAKnet, the patient's demographic information will automatically carry over into TigerView. The information that will carry over is:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • SSN

Connection Methods

There are two methods for connecting TRAKnet and TigerView:

INI Method
Command Line

The INI Method allows for more patient information to be sent from TRAKnet to TigerView, but requires TRAKnet to be run as an administrator.

The Command Line method sends less information (notably it cannot send patient date of birth) but can work on a wider variety of setups regardless of user account control settings.

This can be changed under Tools > Options > Integration > TigerView.

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