Social History

Social History is a mini-template in TRAKnet 3.1. Social history can be documented from either: the Social Hx button on the Patient's Chart or from the use of the «SocialHistory» link embedded into any other template, such as a Dashboard or Encounter Form.

The social history template can be modified by going to UserName > Manage Templates and selecting the SocialHistory template type.

Social History Template

The social history template will be defaulted with several multiple choice links. This template can be customized, however it is worth noting that Smoking Status documentation is required for the MIPS quality measures and should be left in the template.

The template, on default, will appear as follows (with the items in «carrots» hyperlinks selected from the Links tab):

Marital Status: «MaritalStatus»
Who do you live with: (Multiple choice field with options: Not Known, Husband, Wife, Alone, Children, Significant Other, Parents)
How many Children: (Number field)
Employment: «EmploymentStatus»
Occupation (current or former):
Smoking: «SmokingStatus»
How much to you smoke per day? (Multiple choice field with options: None, Less than 5 cigarettes per day, ½ pack per day, 1 pack per day, More than 1 pack per day)
Do you drink caffeinated beverages (cola, coffee, or tea)? Yes/No field
Number per day (Number field)

Smoking Status

The «SmokingStatus» link offers several options.

  • Current every day smoker
  • Current some day smoker
  • Former smoker
  • Never smoker
  • Smoker, current status unknown
  • Unknown if ever smoked
  • Heavy tobacco smoker
  • Light tobacco smoker

(ARCHIVED) Smoking Status for Meaningful Use

While this is no longer a requirement in Meaningful Use in 2015, the below videos are left archived as a demonstration for documenting a patient's smoking status.


For the most up to date video on Meaningful Use, please click here.

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