What is SmartConvert?

SmartConvert is a tool that will allow you to input a list of ICD-9 codes into your SmartSheet10 technology and automatically create a SmartSheet of related ICD-10 codes. This tool will populate with all possible ICD-10 codes branching off from that ICD-9 code and is created in a matter of seconds.

Using SmartConvert

To access the SmartConvert tool, from inside SmartSheet10, click on the I want to: dropdown menu. Under the SmartSheet10 category, click "SmartConvert: New SmartSheet from a list of codes."


This will open a pop up window called ICD-9 Codes List.


This screen has two components: the list of ICD-9 codes you would like to use as the basis for your SmartSheet10, and the SmartSheet Name. In the main portion of the screen, type in the ICD-9 codes you would like to use, separated by a comma, as demonstrated below. Once you have entered all codes, enter a name for your new SmartSheet in the SmartSheet Name field.


Once you are satisfied with your list of codes and SmartSheet name, click "Convert to SmartSheet." This will open a New SmartSheet10 pop up window. Click Yes if you would like to open this SmartSheet to edit it.


Each code will have three options:

  • Select - Clicking Select will open this code in the ICD-10 index.
  • Edit - Clicking Edit will allow you to move this code to a different SmartSheet or edit any details of the code.
  • Delete - Clicking Delete will remove this code from this SmartSheet.

Accessing Created SmartSheets

You can access your SmartSheet at any time under the I want to: drop-down menu with the Edit an Existing SmartSheet option.

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