Save As New SmartSheet

The below wiki page will walk the user through how to save a new SmartSheet from an old SmartSheet.

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Save As New

The Save as New SmartSheet tool will allow the user to select an already existing SmartSheet and create a new SmartSheet off of that previously existing SmartSheet. This can be used to create copies of the same sheet for multiple users, to re-save a SmartSheet from a My Favorites to a Practice Favorites, or to create several variations of the same SmartSheet.


To save a new SmartSheet from a previous sheet, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the I want to: drop-down menu.
  2. Select Edit an Existing SmartSheet.
  3. Select the SmartSheet you would like to copy.
  4. Click the ICD10 button listed above the SmartSheet on this screen.
  5. Click on the Actions icon next to the Search box.
  6. Select the Save All as New SmartSheet option.
  7. A popup box will appear prompting the user to enter a name for the SmartSheet and to add the SmartSheet to My Favorites or Practice Favorites.
    1. Note: My Favorites means only your user will see them. Practice Favorites means all users will see this SmartSheet.

Upon clicking Add to Favorites, this SmartSheet will now be available for use and further editing.

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