Release Notes Q4 2020

General Release Notes from the Q4_2020 update.

New Features

  • User Changes
    • User Roles - Users are now required to enter user roles when creating/modifying a user in TRAKnet. If your role is not show in the list, please select the closest match.
      • User_Roles.png
    • Duplicate Emails - When adding an email to a user you will receive a warning preventing you from using an email already saved for someone else.
    • NPI Location - We moved the NPI field to be directly below users roles.
  • NPI Registry
    • TRAKnet now connects directly to the NPI Registry API to gather the most up to date provider details.
  • Registry Clearinghouse
    • Reg_Clearinghouse_Botton.png
    • Updates to User Interface
    • Simply run the report and upload
    • For more information click HERE
  • OKTA Updates
    • You can now directly create your user login when creating a user in TRAKnet (Removing the need to migrate the user manually upon login).
    • You can now Change/Update User Password directly from the User Properties tab
  • TRAKnet Default Locations (Access)
    • Users will now have the ability to set the location TRAKnet opens at a practice level and at a user level.
    • Tools>Options (Practice Level)
      • Access_Practice_Level.png
    • Properties>Users (User Level)
      • Access_User_Level.png
    • For more details click HERE.
  • Box 33a
    • We have added a "Provider Insurance Defaults" setting to override what NPI is sent in Box 33a. This new feature will remove the need for providers to create duplicate users when billing to certain insurances. For more information click HERE
      • Box33a.png

Bug Fixes

  • Select Provider - We addressed an issue were if the last logged in user was a provider, the "Select Provider" dropdown would be greyed out.
  • Timeclock - We addressed an issue were certain workflows could potentially cause a user to sign-out another user.
  • Rx Button in the Encounter Module - We addressed an issue that causes random placement of text in some encounter notes.
  • NPI Removal - We addressed an issue were removing an NPI does not remove the user from some provider dropdown menu's.
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