Z_Archive Release Notes Q3 2020

General Release Notes from the Q3_2020 TBD update.

ICD-10 Updates

  • ICD-10 Diagnosis codes have been updated to include changes required for October 1st.

New Features

  • Permission Updates - We have added a large number of permissions that have been requested over the years. You can now remove access from complete modules or from specific features (Examples: Modify Patients, Send Claims, and NEMORx)
  • Audit Risk Tool - We have updated this module to remove unnecessary data. We also added color coding to the "TRAKnetr User Wide Average of CPT Codes" section.
    • White = Within Peer range
    • Red = Possible Outlier "Over Utilization"
    • Green = Possible under utilization
    • * Billing/Denial Module Updates (SPEED IMPROVEMENTS) - We have added additional features to speed up the use of the program
    • We added more details about each CPT code related to a claim. This can be found in the bottom left side of TRAKnet after selecting a record (Claim/Denial Module and Encounters Module)
    • When in the invoice screen we are now included Adjustment/Remark codes
    • When in the Claims/Denial Module you can now right-click on a claim. This will give you the option to open the "Claim Details" module directly
    • When in the Claims/Denial Module you can now right-click on a CPT code in the bottom left to edit the details
  • We added the ability to override the logic of the secondary claim module. This will be useful when an insurance company did not receive the automated claim from Medicare
    • To send a secondary claim that has been flagged as "sent from Medicare" the user simply can use the claim wizard now
  • Auto-Check Eligibility - This new feature will enable users to have their patient eligibility ran when creating/modifying a patient's insurance. If TRAKnet receives any errors from the clearinghouse the user will be alerted.
    • To set this setting go to Tools>Options>Billing>" Auto-Run Eligibility". By default, this setting will be marked as "True"
  • End of Month Payment Lock - This feature enables the user to lock a payment at the end of the month. When this setting is turned on the user will not be enabled to remove/refund a payment that was created in a previous month (NOTE: TSYS requires the payment to be removed to perform a refund, so these transactions are not included in the setting. It is recommended to switch to Open Edge so users can perform Independent Refunds.
    • To enable this feature go to Tools>Options>Billing>"End of Month Payment Lock"
  • Appointment Verification - This new feature enables the practice (or their integrated appointment reminder service) the ability to specify that the patient verified their appointment.
    • This new checkbox will be located right next to the Patient contacted box in the scheduler.
  • Denial Management Updates
    • We added a filter to the Denial Management page to allow users to focus on specific denials
    • We added logic to include more Adjustment/Remark Codes to our ignore list (if these codes are present the claim will not go into the denial bucket)
    • When viewing the "Show Additional Details" window we included additional columns:
      • CPT, Billed, Paid, Adjustment, Adj/Remarkk Code, and Description
  • Improvement Activities - We have added the ability to select the new Covid-19 activities

Bug Fixes

  • We corrected an issue where clicking the pharmacy button under actions did nothing
  • We corrected an issue where clicking the prescription button under actions did nothing
  • We corrected an issue where Availity passwords are duplicating values when specific characters are used (Example: "[" )
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