Release Notes Q2 2020

General Release Notes from the Q2_2020 TBD update.

New Features

  • Denial Management - We have created a BRAND NEW module to help monitor denials and zero payments.
    • The new Denial Management Page can be found directly under the claims module.
    • When downloading a remit TRAKnet will audit for any CPT that does not include a payment amount.

For more details click here

  • Secondary Claims - We have created the ability to send secondary claims through Availity.
    • After taking the update please acknowledge this settings when accessing the claims module for the first time.
    • When sending a secondary claim you will follow the same processes as before. If the primary insurance was Medicare, TRAKnet will automatically verify if Medicare sent the secondary or not. If not, TRAKnet will build a claim and submit.
  • Medipics - We have added the ability for users to access Medipics directly from the Patient Chart and the Encounters screens.
  • Availity Link - We have added an Availity link to the claims and denials modules.
  • Removed Unused Buttons - As 2020 is a year to streamline work within TRAKnet we have removed buttons that are no longer used.
  • Open Edge
    • When a user attempts to create a payment using invalid Open Edge credentials , TRAKnet now takes the user directly back to update their credentials.
    • We added the ability to show when a user saves a non-processed credit card payment.
  • Permission Updates
    • Added a permission to remove a users ability to modify user permissions.
    • Added a permission to remove a users ability to update the insurance payer id.
    • Added a permission to remove a users ability to update the insurance clearinghouse.
    • Added a permission to remove a users ability to sign an encounter on behalf of a provider.
  • Added the ability to see unique Adjustment and Remark Codes associated to each CPT code.
  • Added the ability to mass write-off (Provider Adjustment) balances. While doing this task you can select each line by clicking "Balance" or simply click the "Apply All" button.
    • We have added two new filters to help locate payments that need to be written off in bulk.
      • Note Date
      • Balance Amount
  • We have updated the way TRAKnet notifies users. TRAKnet normally shows an update is available upon opening the application. However, at times this does not appear on certain workstations. This has not been addressed (we will continuously monitor this to adjust our settings when windows releases updates).
  • We have added a button to take users to a "free" Clinical Support Mechanism Site to obtain authorizations for MRI's (requires starting January 1, 2021)
    • This link can be modified to any site the user would like to use.

Bug Fixes

  • We corrected an issue where the Medication and Allergy links would not allow a user to Print Batch Superbills.
  • We corrected an issue where when a user updates their FEIN number it does not always reflect when sending a claim.
  • We corrected and issue where the Open Edge authorization number does not appear in the payment screen.
  • We corrected an issue where a users practice details do not save in the Open Edge window.
  • We corrected an issue where the patient summary module was not showing NEMORx medications.
  • We removed a users ability to save a patient phone number will invalid characters (letters).

Update for July 28th

  • We corrected an issue where the Taxonomy code would show blank when opening a user with a Taxonomy code.
  • We corrected an issue where the Rendering provider Taxonomy code was not being included on claims. The Taxonomy code will now be included.
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