Z_(Archived) Release Notes for November 20th 2015

General Release Notes from the November 20th 2015 update.

New Features

  • Implemented new icons to the TRAKnet login screen, News and SmartSheet10 mobile. News will link to the most recent update information for TRAKnet and SmartSheet10 will lead to additional information about our new SmartSheet10 mobile application.
  • Implemented the ability to minimize the Meaningful Use, Quality Measures, and PQRS reports, allowing you to continue to work while the report generates.
  • Implemented a loading bar to indicate a report is being executed as well as a Close button to stop the process. Several reports contain large amounts of data and may take a significant time to execute. These tools should prevent the user from being locked into running a report if the report is taking too long to generate. Please keep in mind, however, that generating a report may cause slowness in other areas of TRAKnet while the report is assembling.

Resolved Issues

  1. Resolved an issue wherein certain scanners were not prompting for a second page when scanning.
  2. Resolved an issue wherein the automatic timeout feature was displaying the value incorrectly.
  3. Resolved an issue wherein patient information across multiple tabs was refreshing incorrectly.
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