Z_(Archived) Release Notes for May 8th 2015

General Release Notes from the May 8th 2015 update.

New Features

  • When viewing prescription history for a patient, refill request history will now show as well. This is accessible under the Patient’s Chart > Rx button.

Resolved Issues

  1. If a patient has any alert, that alert must be fully acknowledged before an encounter can be started from the scheduler.
  2. Resolved an issue that was preventing patients with apostrophes in their names to be searchable under Scheduler > Find.
  3. Clicking Cancel on the Rx window of the patient’s chart will now properly close this screen rather than continuing with writing a prescription anyway. To write an Rx, click “Prescribe” on this screen.
  4. When scheduling an appointment and using the Weekly view on the Add Appointment window, the date and time were not properly changing when picking a date other than the current date.
  5. Resolved an issue where under certain circumstances when two provider’s schedulers were opened the appointments were appearing misaligned with their true scheduled time.
  6. Resolved an issue where setting a date range on the List view of the scheduler, opening an encounter for one of those appointments, and then returning to the List view was causing the date to reset.
  7. Resolved an issue where patient messages/phone call notes were combining into one Task. A new task will be generated every time the Phone Calls/Messages feature on the patient’s chart is used.
  8. Resolved an issue where, if all users are set to not allow scheduling, when first loading the scheduler no location would be set.
  9. The Add button was no longer appearing on the Encounter > Diagnoses tab when the encounter was opened from certain screens. This has been resolved.
  10. Resolved an issue that was preventing the «PCPInfo» link from opening the Referring Provider editor when clicked.
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