Z_(Archived) Release Notes for May 4th 2015

General Release Notes from the May 4th 2015 update.

New Features

  • A new pop-up alert has been created when scheduling appointments. This pop up alert will display the following: Alerts, referral authorizations, global periods, collection status, and if the patient is deceased.
  • Payments can now be deleted from the patient’s ledger with the Remove button. This only applies to patient payments. Insurance payments and provider payments must still be removed from the Billing Dashboard > Payments screen.
  • A new column will display under Billing Dashboard > Encounters, called Version. This will show which version of TRAKnet the encounter originates from, to help keep things organized during the transition. Red means it was created in v2.0 and the diagnoses have not been carried over; yellow means it originated in v2.0, but the diagnoses have been converted to v3.0; green means it was created in and can be successfully billed from v3.0.
  • Added the ability to convert diagnoses from encounters created in v2.0. Previously diagnoses would not carry over, causing issues with claims sent from v3.0 that were created in v2.0. You are now able to click Convert on the Diagnoses tab of an encounter to convert the v2.0 diagnoses into the v3.0 format. NOTE: This does not work from v3.0 to v2.0, only from v2.0 to v3.0. The convert diagnoses button will only appear on encounters where a conversion is necessary, i.e. those created in 2.0, or listed with the red v2 only mark.
  • Implemented the ability to add, modify and remove the Fee Schedule for an individual treatment code. This is done under Properties > Treatments > Search for the treatment code > Click Modify > Click Fee Schedule tab.
  • The Template Picker function of editing templates has been modified. It will now stay open with each mini-template selected, rather than closing automatically. To close, click the close button in the upper right-hand corner.

Resolved Issues

  1. Resolved an issue where changing the output of an insurance company on the patient level was not correctly saving the new output.
  2. Resolved an issue that was preventing the «Hotspots» quick link from populating correctly if you click “Cancel” upon selecting the Hotspot.
  3. Removed the non-functioning Use My Header Template in All Forms option.
  4. Referral Letters will no longer show the yellow “Show Fields” highlights as an encounter does.
  5. Property Values will no longer show as a blank if there are no comments. Comments are no longer required on property values such as marketing referrals.
  6. The invalid email address warning will now properly pop up even for emails entered with the «Email» quick link.
  7. Resolved an issue that prevented laboratory or radiology vendors from being removed.
  8. Made improvements to how the Charges Edit Mode screen of the invoice tab works, resolving an issue where it would take multiple clicks to open a dropdown menu.
  9. The claim output displayed at the bottom of the Claims screen should now accurately reflect the output of the selected claim.
  10. Referral letters for signed encounters can now be edited.
  11. Resolved an issue where sorting the Charting, Bill Ready, Cancelled or Missed columns in the List view of the scheduler was no longer working.
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