Z_(Archived) Release Notes for March 9th 2015

General Release Notes from the March 9th 2015 update.

New Features

  • There are now a variety of PQRS mini templates available for your use. These are located under Templates > PQRS. There are individual templates for each measure criteria as well as one master PQRS template which includes all suggested measures.
PQRStemplates.JPG pqrsmastertemplates.JPG
  • Implemented the ability to rename encounters with a new title. To do this, from the patient’s chart, go to Progress Notes. Select the visit you would like to rename, and click Edit Properties. In the title field, type in your new title. Click Save to save this new title.
  • Implemented a warning that will now appear if your computer does not have access to your shared folders and drives. Please contact your IT provider and/or network administrator to assist with resolving these issues.

Resolved Issues

  1. Resolved an issue where the Report > Patient Lists > Reminders > Patients with 2 Prior Visits (Stage 2) was not counting TRAKnet 2.0 encounters, causing patients who should be loading in the list to not load.
  2. Made changes to how patient statements are generated. To eliminate negative balances from the list, input a minimum amount. Setting a minimum and a maximum amount will show that range (e.g., 20 – 200). Setting a minimum amount with no maximum will show a minimum to “unlimited” range (e.g., 20 – unlimited). Setting a maximum amount with no minimum will show the minimum and maximum range (e.g., 0 – 200).
  3. Resolved an issue where custom fields, when entered onto a dashboard, would not allow you to clear the text to return a field to “unanswered” after you’ve answered it once before.
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