Z_(Archived) Release Notes for March 8th

Release notes from the March 8th 2016 update.

New Features

  • The new Code Audit Compliance feature has been released. Code Audit Compliance will assist the practice with tracking their monthly and yearly CPT code utilization and compare that to nationwide averages of TRAKnet User.
  • The Advanced Data Management Platform is now available. This platform introduces 35 new reports to TRAKnet showing data in both straightforward, easy to read tables and informative graphs. This feature is offered as part of the TRAKnet Total Solutions bundle. For more information, reach out to moc.pcomen|selas#moc.pcomen|selas.
  • The Patient Portal has been updated with additional functionality, including online appointment requests, online credit card processing, and electronic refill requests. For more information, please reach out to moc.pcomen|selas#moc.pcomen|selas.

Resolved Issues:

  1. Resolved an issue wherein CCDAs were erroneously displaying on the Progress Notes tab of the patient’s chart in certain scenarios.
  2. Resolved an issue wherein the remove/restore buttons on the Progress Notes tab were not being properly removed when the Remove/Restore permission was not active on that user.
  3. Resolved an issue wherein CCDAs under the All Documents tab of the patient’s chart were sometimes displaying the wrong patient name.
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