Z_(Archived) Release Notes for March 28th 2016

General Release Notes from the March 28th 2016 update.

Several changes were made to TRAKnet to accommodate the electronic prescribing of controlled substances:

Prescription Information Update
A two person approval process to add/modify/delete a provider's DEA, SureScript's SPI number, and IdenTrust software token has been implemented.

  • Changes to SPI or DEA numbers can no longer be completed under Properties > Users.
  • To give a user permissions to request changes:
    • The provider must log into TRAKnet, go to Properties > Users > Modify a user, and click on the e-Prescribing tab. Check the box under the "Permission to propose or confirm change requests." category to allow a user the ability to request changes.
  • To request changes:
    • Under the e-Prescribing tab on the left-hand side of TRAKnet, click on Providers/Users. Select a user, then click Request Change.
      • Note that only a non-provider user can request a change.
    • Once a request has been made, a second user must log in and navigate to e-Prescribing > Providers/Users > Pending Changes and either approve or deny this change.

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Enhanced Auditing
Two additional views for the audit log have been added to Tools > Audit Log. These are:

  • Logins
  • Prescriptions/Refills

Note that these must be checked daily.
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EPCS Reporting
Under the e-Prescribing tab on the left-hand side of TRAKnet, a new EPCS reporting option has been implemented.

  • Clicking on EPCS Reporting shows all prescriptions/refills that involved controlled substances.
  • Beneath this option, Generated by Date Range shows a record of all audit log reports pulled in the current month with individual months broken down beneath. Spans up to 24 months.

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Refill Requests
To match requirements for e-prescribing, refill requests can now only be viewed and responded to by a provider. Other users in the system will be unable to see these refill requests.

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