Z_Archive Release Notes Mar 15th 2019

General Release Notes from the March 15th update.

Resolved issues

  • Updated MedXpress reporting information to match an update made to MedXpress reporting changes.

General Release Notes from the February 14th update.

For Trouble shooting common issues found with this update please click here.

New Features

  • The TRAKnet login Screen has been changed to improve interoperability with new integrations. Users will be required to migrate their logins to the new NEMO Health login. For instructions please click here. For Trouble shooting this login please click here for common trouble shooting tips for the current update.
  • Transfirst integration items have been updated to reflect the new company name TSYS.
  • A reply all functionality has been added to the task list.
  • Added a new report, User Adjustment, which shows adjustments per user.
  • Referral Authorizations have been added to the scheduler. These can now be added, modified, or removed through the scheduler.
  • A new Global period link has been added to the patient invoice screen.

When clicked the link will display all treatments currently in a Global period.

  • Added a link for Global Periods to the list of links to be used in templates.
  • Added a feature to allow Multimedia files to be sorted using the headers for each column.
  • Implemented a new tab to encounters which shows the patients appointments.
  • Implemented tha ability to change the Patient portal data push type for local clients.
  • Updated the program name "Advancing Care Information" to the new program name "Promoting Interoperability."
  • Implemented the ability to report 2015 Certified, 2014/2015 Transition and the Hardship Exception when reporting for Promoting Interoperability through MedXpress.
  • Moved the location where clearing house information is entered from the Options screen to the Insurance screen under properties. For instructions please click here.
ClearingHouses.png ClearingHouses2.png

Resolved issues

  • The User Privilege Audit log will now show only changes to user permissions.
  • Resolved the issue where certain family member codes would prevent the family history link from displaying properly.
  • Resolved the issue where Tasks created with out a status would not show in the list of tasks.
  • Resolved an issue where headers were being inserted and saved in documents designed to be mini templates – HPI, ROS, Social Hx, Past Hx, Medical Hx, Surgical Hx and Visit Data
  • Resolved an issue where tasks opened from the Phone Messaged tab did not display linked encounters.
  • Resolved an issue where CCDA / Patient Engagement were not highlighting under certain circumstances
  • Resolved an issue where Encounters are able to be edited after being signed
  • Resolved an issue where Find on the schedule was showing the incorrect facility for appointments.
  • Resolved an issue where sorting tasks by date would sort incorrectly.
  • Updated the message when sending CCDA’s for the first time.
  • Resolved an issue where Patient Education was not being properly reported in the Promoting interoperability report.
  • Resolved an issue where imported CCDA’s were not able to be reconciled.
  • Resolved an issue where users and providers would not show on the patient portal registration if their address was different than the practices address.
  • Resolved an issue where the Gladinet application does not start if a different windows user is already logged into the application.

Update for March 4th 2019

  • Resolved an error received when unable to connect to a database. This error would result in TRAKnet crashing with out allowing the user to configure their database.
  • Resolved an issue where the TRAKnet time clock feature was not remembering Clock-ins
  • Added a Feature to indicate what username will be used for the NEMO Health login.
  • Added a Feature to alert the user when their password or email do not meet minimum requirements.
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