Z_(Archived) Release Notes for June 8th 2017

General Release Notes from the June 8th 2017 update.

New Features

  • Implemented a Waterfall Billing Report, which shows Charges, Payments, Adjustments, Resolution, Resolution Percentage and Cumulative Percentage over a designated period of months. For more information, click here.
  • Implemented an Insurance Payments Report, which shows a Summary or Details view of all insurance payments entered within the date range.
  • Implemented new claim check error messages, particularly concerning ordering provider on charges for Medicare, erroneous place of services, and common rejections for durable medical equipment and injections.
  • Implemented the ability to export encounters and charges to a spreadsheet from the Encounters screen in the Billing Dashboard.
  • Implemented the ability to send multimedia and other attachments when e-Faxing.
  • Removed the defaulted check mark for Show Patient Providers when adding a Referring or Supervising Provider in Claim Details.
  • Implemented the ability to download corrected Pathology Reports from BAKO, as well as a new column in the Pathology Orders screen to show when it was last updated.
  • Implemented the ability to add Remark Codes when manually entering insurance payments.
  • Implemented the ability to determine at the insurance level which Adjustment Codes on a downloaded remittance are may apply their adjustments. For more information, click here.

Resolved Issues

  1. Resolved an issue wherein, under certain circumstances, links were erroneously deleted from the note when deleting other text.
  2. Resolved an issue wherein, under certain circumstances, links such as HPI displayed the incorrect font within a note.

Update for June 14th 2017

  1. Resolved an issue wherein the Insurance Payments report could not be exported.
  2. Resolved an issue wherein, under certain circumstances, terminated providers were removed from signed encounters.
  3. Resolved an issue wherein opening then closing a BAKO pathology order would cause any manually sorted columns to reset to default sorting.
  4. Corrected grammar errors in the Adjustment Codes tab in the Insurance editor.

Update for June 29th 2017

  1. Adjusted the display of new claim checks to use the yellow 'caution' symbol instead of the red 'alert' symbol.
  2. Added several new links, including a link to display patient immunizations.
  3. Resolved an issue wherein forms such as Referrals, Social History, etc. displayed certain links with the incorrect highlighting.
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