Z_(Archived) Release Notes for June 8th 2015

General Release Notes from the June 8th 2015 update.

New Features

  • IMPORTANT! The scheduler has been redesigned to improve functionality, performance and appearance. The newly developed scheduler will improve issues with slowness that users may have been experiencing in the past as well as resolve functionality and workflow issues that were present in the previous version of the scheduler. For all intents and purposes the scheduler functions the same as before. Basic functionality has not been changed. Primary changes are behind the scenes to improve performance.
  • Implemented the ability to modify the font style for an entire template type of templates. To accomplish this, go to UserName > Manage Templates > Select a Template Type, such as HPI > Click the “Select Font to Apply to all Templates in HPI” button. You will be able to change the font, the size, and the style of these templates. NOTE: This will change the font in the entire template to what you select. This means that any special formatting for portions of the template, such as a bolded portion, will be overrode by the settings you choose. As a result, we recommend using this tool only for mini-templates, like HPI, rather than encounter forms.
  • Resolved an issue with the «InkSignature» link. This feature is now active. The ink signature will allow a patient to use a touch screen, mouse, or touchpad to sign a document in TRAKnet. The «InkSignature» link can be found under the Misc category of links. NOTE: This does not integrate with signature pad peripheral devices.
inksig1.JPG inksig2.JPG inksig3.JPG
  • Implemented a «patientbalance» link that will show the patient balance total. This link only displays the information, it cannot be clicked. It is color coded: green means it is a positive balance, red means it is a negative balance (or credit).
  • Search results are now displaying in alphabetical order. For example, if you search for a patient by last name, they will display alphabetical by first name.
  • Backups completed from TRAKnet 3.0 now have the option to include Multimedia. To backup from 3.0, click on Tools > Backup Data. This will open the Backup Data screen, where you can check the “Include Multimedia” box to backup multimedia alongside the database. Note: Backing up multimedia will increase the time it takes to process a backup. Please be sure to back up frequently.
  • Implemented a tool to allow the user to delete multiple line items from an invoice. Line items will only be removed if they have no payments posted to them or claim history. This icon is on the Invoice tab of the Invoice and displays as a small red circle with a white line through it.
  • The Batch Print Superbills feature has been improved. You may now print batches with one of two filters: All superbills for a specific user or room or all superbills for patients assigned to a specific room.
  • Implemented the ability to export the list of patients found on a Facility Visit. This list will export as a .csv file. To access this, schedule facility visit. Add patients, then save. Modify the facility visit > click on the patient’s tab > click Export (.csv). Your computer will then prompt you to save the file.
  • The Billing Dashboard > Encounters screen has been updated to allow for more detailed filtering and sorting options. You are now able to sort by: provider, location, insurance, chart (yes or no), bill ready (yes or no), patient responsible (yes or no), and a min. or max. balance.
  • Implemented new Patient Quick Lists alongside the existing Today’s Patients list. There will now be a quick list for every user, provider or room where Allow Scheduling is set to True. Each user may default which quick list he or she sees upon logging in by clicking on their username in the upper right-hand corner of TRAKnet and setting the “Default Patient List at Start” option. NOTE: You must configure this before it will take effect. To configure the new quick lists, click Help > Configure Patient Quick Lists, then restart TRAKnet.
quicklist.png patientquicklist.png quicklist1.JPG
  • Improved the detailed view of a facility visit appointment to include the diabetic status of each patient scheduled.
  • Implemented a Patient Quick List that will display the 25 most recently opened patients. This quick list is called “ Recent Patients.” Once a 26th patient record is opened, the 1st will be removed from the list. The most recently opened patient’s will be at the top. If the list does not appear to be updating automatically, click the green refresh button to force a refresh. Please follow the above instruction for configuring your new quick lists.

Resolved Issues:

  1. Resolved an issue where copy and pasting into an encounter was causing the practice header to disappear.
  2. Resolved an issue where the Hotspot > Bone view was inserting 5R Metatarsal as 5L Metatarsal.
  3. Improved the Billing Dashboard > Encounters screen and the patient’s invoice to be more clear about whether an insurance is the parent insurance or claim office.
  4. Resolved an issue where the «City» link could not be used to update a patient’s city if that city was two words, e.g. New York.
  5. Resolved an issue where encounters that were signed would open at the bottom of the encounter.
  6. Resolved an issue where encounters that were signed could not be used to copy over into a new visit, as the hyperlinks would be “signed” and unusable.
  7. Resolved an issue where treatment codes that did not have a template behind them previously could not be converted into 3.0.
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