Z_(Archived) Release Notes for June 23rd 2015

General Release Notes from the June 23rd 2015 update.

New Features

  • Implemented a new feature that allows the user to minimize an encounter to allow access to the patient’s chart behind. Note: This will only display the patient who you are currently working on. All other tabs and icons of TRAKnet will be disabled.
  • Implemented a new setting under the Insurance > Claim Details that allows for the Facility NPI to be sent as the Billing NPI in box 33, as necessary.
  • Implemented a new Advanced Patient Search under the Properties tab. This tool will allow the user to search, filter and sort patients with more freedom than ever before. Additionally, the Advanced Patient Search comes with an export tool built in that allows the user to export a list of patients per their preset criteria while also allowing the user to decide what information exports. For a detailed explanation of this screen, click here.
  • With the above, also implemented Patient Groups. To add a new group, right-click on the new Patient Search, then click Add Group. Patients can be assigned to groups under the patient’s chart > actions > groups option. Groups will then display in the Advanced Patient Search.
  • Implemented the Collections Module as it was found in TRAKnet v2.0. This included Collection Agencies, Rules, and Letters under Properties, a new Collections icon on the Billing Dashboard, and a Collections button on the patient’s chart. For more details, click here.
  • Implemented a preview on the Billing Dashboard > Claims screen. When clicking on a claim, a preview of the claim will appear on the bottom portion of this screen. It will show Charges, Payments and Claim History associated with this claim.
  • Implemented the Links drop-down menu at the top of TRAKnet that will include a pre-populated list of popular websites for TRAKnet users. To configure this list, click the Help drop-down menu, then click Configure Links. Click Restore Defaults to active the four pre-populated links. You may also add custom links from this screen. Click here for further details.
  • Implemented a new icon on the patient’s chart that allows the user to document HbA1c records as structured data. This included a new link, «HbA1c», that can be inserted into templates to access this screen and display the patient’s most recent A1c record. To add a new record, click the new Hemoglobin icon on the chart, then click Add.
  • Expanded the Allowed Telephone Contacts field on the patient’s demographics to include “son/daughter” as an option.
  • Opening encounters from the patient’s chart > Billing tab > Ledger will now open the “full” encounter window as opposed to just the Invoice tab.
  • Tigerview and A2D2 integration has been implemented. These should function similarly to their TRAKnet v2.0 counterparts. A patient’s Tigerview chart can be opened under Orders > Tigerview. For A2D2, Tools > Options > Integration allows for control over auto-exports. Images can be imported to the patient’s Multimedia folder under Tools > Import A2D2 images.

Resolved Issues

  1. Resolved an issue where the «ActiveAllergies» link, when used in a superbill, was pulling over the incorrect list of allergies.
  2. Resolved an issue that prevented users from deleting appointments from the List view of the scheduler.
  3. Resolved an issue that prevented box 32b in the CMS 1500 form to not populate.
  4. Resolved an issue that prevented the user from selecting a user/room on the week view of the scheduler, allowing the user to now move between week views without moving to the day view first.
  5. Resolved an issue under Options > GEDI where the Submitter Phone field was not saving.
  6. Resolved an issue where the Remove button was enabled even when highlighting a record that was already removed.
  7. Resolved an issue where opening the medications properties/education from the favorites list was causing an error.
  8. Placed stricter restrictions on the naming of Multimedia folders. Invalid characters cannot be used.
  9. Resolved an issue where printing a sorted payments screen was not keeping the sorting when printed.
  10. Resolved an issue where Prior Authorizations could be entered without a start date, causing errors.
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