Z_(Archived) Release Notes for July 31st 2015

General Release Notes from the July 31st 2015 update.

This update contains preparations behind the scenes for the TRAKnet Patient Portal and ICD-10 Testing. You may notice additions to TRAKnet at this time in preparation for these features that are not yet active. More information regarding both will be coming soon. Until such a time as more information is given, we urge users to refrain from using such tools.

Resolved Issues

  1. Resolved an issue where facility visit appointments that have been sorted would not remain sorted when printed.
  2. Resolved an issue where the date a patient was contacted would not reflect the new date if the date was changed.
  3. Resolved an issue where the «Address» and «Address2» links were not filling in with “empty” if nothing was present.
  4. Resolved an issue where the «Marketing» link was not populating with custom marketing referral types.
  5. Resolved an issue where the «Race» and «Ethnicity» links were not updating to “Declined” if Declined is selected as the option.
  6. Resolved an issue where, when tabbing into a single choice field while charting, you were unable to cancel the choice field to select another. A cancel button has been added to single choice fields to get around this.
  7. Implemented additional bug tracking tools to assist with pinpointing an issue users are experiencing with TigerView. More constructive error logs will now be created.
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