Z_(Archived) Release Notes for February 1st 2016

General Release Notes from the February 1st 2016 update.

New Features

  • Implemented a change to the claim sending process. When claims are sent, you will now be able to continue working in TRAKnet while the claims are being sent. Once they’ve sent without any issues, a pop up window will appear in the lower right-hand corner of your computer letting you know they’ve sent. If any issues happen, you will receive a normal pop up regardless of where you are in the system, letting you know something went wrong.
  • Implemented the new My Practice Report Card feature to give your office monthly tracking on various billing information versus national averages.
  • Implemented new Place of Service codes which were implemented in 2016: 19 – Off Campus-Outpatient Hospital and 22 – On Campus-Outpatient Hospital.
  • Implemented the ability to modify a single payment from Version 2.0 in Version 3.0. To do this, open a single payment from the Billing Dashboard > Payments screen and click Split Payment:
  • Implemented a new feature that will default the task list to the My Tasks view.
  • Implemented a new Version number on sent claims that indicates which version of TRAKnet the claim was sent from:
  • Implemented a check where creating an encounter from another encounter where the template has been deleted will prompt the user to select a new template instead.
  • Implemented a new setting under Scheduler > Settings > Default All Rooms/Users on List View.

Resolved Issues:

  1. Resolved an issue wherein the pop-up checkbox when adding a reminder was not working.
  2. Resolved an issue wherein an incorrect CPT code was entered and the code 73630 would occasionally bring up the wrong description.
  3. Resolved an issue wherein blocked times set with a start date and end date of the same day were not displaying.
  4. Resolved an issue wherein Text Fields could not be entered on Referral templates.
  5. Resolved an issue wherein treatment templates were not always working.
  6. Resolved an issue wherein an Export button was displaying incorrectly on certain screens.
  7. Resolved an issue wherein the list view of the scheduler was always defaulting to the logged in user even if they could not have appointments scheduled to them.
  8. Resolved an issue wherein the Open button on a new patient’s chart would not activate when an encounter was first created.
  9. Resolved an issue wherein the character limit on the Insurance screen > Website field was too small to fit a standard website URL.
  10. Resolved an issue wherein the header of the modify windows for various pieces of data under Properties was not displaying correctly.
  11. Resolved an issue wherein the superbill under Properties would occasionally not keep new pages after saving.
  12. Resolved an issue wherein SmartSheets were ignoring indentation in code description.
  13. Resolved an issue wherein collection rules could be created with the erroneous method of Any, causing the rule to no longer save.
  14. Resolved an issue wherein the “Use Practice NPI with Claims” option on claim offices was not overriding the setting on the parent insurance. It will check claim office first, then parent insurance.
  15. Resolved an issue wherein deleted patients were still displaying in the Patient Quick List on the patient chart tab of TRAKnet.
  16. Resolved an issue wherein the Show All checkbox on the Taxonomy Code section in properties was not displaying.
  17. Resolved an issue wherein the SmartSheet tab view is not jumping to each subsection.
  18. Resolved an issue wherein additional fields were displaying on the Setup screen.
  19. Resolved an issue wherein printing PDFs from the All Documents tab of the patient’s chart was not working properly.
  20. Resolved an issue wherein XML files in the All Documents tab were not displaying.
  21. Resolved an issue wherein the Batch Print Encounters tool was skipping encounters created today and encounters for patients who had no SSN.
  22. Resolved an issue wherein the Pharmacy Benefit Manager was not always displaying information.
  23. Resolved an issue wherein the “Show only my templates only” option was, under certain conditions, showing all templates still.
  24. Made improvements to the Invoice screen of the encounter to maximum screen space.
  25. Resolved an issue wherein encounters you already had open then attempted to open again did not give you sufficient warning.
  26. Made improvements to error messages and tracking for TransFirst payments to help pinpoint the source of rarer issues.
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