Release Notes December 2022

General Release Notes from the December 2022 Update

TRAKnet Version Update

  • With this update the TRAKnet version number will be changed to version 4.0

New Features

  • Update to allow users to select Allergy Reactions from a dropdown list.
  • Added Inhaled Oxygen Flow Rate to patient vitals
  • Update Patient vitals to include infant vitals
    • Added Infant Head Circumference Percentile (patients 0 -2)
    • Added BMI percentile (patients 2 - 20)
    • Weight for Length Percentile (patients 0 -2)
  • Added the ability to add comments to Radiology orders
  • Added the ability to associate a CPT code to Radiology orders
  • Updates SnoMed search to allow for searching by either code or description
  • Add new Hyperlinks
    • Treatment Plan Items
    • History and Physical
    • Cardiology Note
    • Hospital Course

Bug Fixes

  • Vitals will now be calculated based on the date selected on the vitals screen
  • Reconciled Problems will now also include an ICD10 code
  • Reconciled Medications and Allergies are now able to be matched in NEMO Rx

For more information on the new features please click here

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