Z_(Archived) Release Notes for April 23rd 2015

General Release Notes from the April 23rd 2015 update.

New Features

  • The Encounters report has been re-added to the Legacy Reports options. This report is found under Billing Dashboard > Reports > Legacy Reports and is a carryover from TRAKnet 2.0.
  • The list view of the Scheduler will now display a green or red icon indicating Yes or No in each column.
  • A new PQRS report has been added, called Registry and selectable from the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the PQRS report screen. This report will calculate numerators even without claim submission being required. This report is meant for those users who report outside of claims submission and instead to a registry.
  • Two new codes have been added to the Bako order form.
  • Claims Pending – Unsent has had several new columns added: Charted, Bill Ready and Patient Responsible.
  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 Core Measure 7b will now begin calculating your numerators. This will refresh every hour.
  • Adjustment code CO-246 has been added for downloaded remits. The penny for PQRS codes will now auto-adjust off.

Resolved Issues

  1. After modifying different list filters and views, specifically on the Billing Dashboard, the list will no longer auto-refresh and remove your settings.
  2. The tabs along the side of TRAKnet will now display in red font if an alert is present.
  3. The Existing Patient and New Patient appointment types can now be edited to change color, text color or duration. The name cannot be changed.
  4. The “Save Printed Statements” setting under the Billing Dashboard > Options will now correctly save printed statements in the Statements folder of the patient’s Multimedia. This will function as version 2.0.
  5. Resolved an issue where appointments scheduled to a room at a location were not defaulting to that location when created.
  6. A Global Period pop up warning will now correctly display if you are attempting to bill a code within a global period.
  7. The Patient Credits – Payments report under Billing Dashboard > Reports > Legacy Reports will now allow you to filter for date range, as in version 2.0.
  8. Resolved an issue where clicking Send/Receive under the Inbox tab would cause the “to” portion of the email displayed to repeat indefinitely.
  9. The «FutureAppointments» link will now correctly display appointments that are scheduled for later that same day.
  10. Reverted a change to practice headers. If a practice has only one header, that header will populate on every encounter on default. Practice’s with multiple document headers will still need to manually insert the header link to choose a specific location.
  11. After electronically downloading remits, the Remits Processed view will now automatically refresh to show you the newly downloaded remits.
  12. Implemented the ability to export reports located in Billing Dashboard > Reports > Reports tab.
  13. Implemented a warning that will populate if an invalid email address is entered into the patient’s demographics. Standard emails must be in a moc.elpmas|elpmas#moc.elpmas|elpmas format, and direct e-mails must be in a moc.tluavhtlaeh.tcerid|elpmas#moc.tluavhtlaeh.tcerid|elpmas format.
  14. Resolved an issue where embedded treatments were populating at the bottom of the encounter regardless of where this treatment was truly embedded.
  15. Resolved an issue where links on the dashboard were carrying over the yellow “show fields” highlights from encounters.
  16. Fixed an issue where if only one message was in the Inbox tab it could not be marked read.
  17. After unchecking Show Fields in an encounter, moving to another tab in the encounter, and then moving back to the Visit Note tab, the yellow highlights will no longer reappear.
  18. Made it so a custom Booking option cannot be accidentally entered in the Scheduler > Settings > Booking field. This now properly caps at 6.
  19. Resolved an issue where custom template folders that contained an apostrophe were not properly displaying their templates.
  20. The Unsubmitted Encounters > Summary report under the Billing Dashboard > Reports > Reports tab will now execute properly.
  21. Resolved an issue where abnormally long template names were causing the Start New Visit button to become cut off when creating a new encounter. The drop down menus will now only display a maximum of 40 characters of the template name.
  22. Implemented a scroll bar along the side of the Invoice tab of the Encounter in the event the screen resolution causes this to become cut off.
  23. Resolved an issue where typing in a CPT code into an encounter was causing the cursor to jump higher up into the note.
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