Release Notes Q4 2019

General Release Notes from the December 20th 2019 update.

New Features

1. Removal of the legacy login screen.

  • We have removed the legacy login window to speed up your connection to TRAKnet. If you have a user that is still does not have a login for the new process or when creating a new user they can still click the “Click here to use the old login” to access the old module.

2. Saving login information based on PC/Windows User

  • When logging into TRAKnet all users are asked to select their location and provider prior to logging in. This requires an additional click (process) that most people do not need when working throughout the day. Now after you login the first time you will be asked to enter this information. After that we will keep a record for all future logins (or until someone changes it). To update your facility or provider you can simply click the “Change your provider and facility” hyperlink located near the bottom left of the login screen. In addition, to this we automated the time clock feature so users no longer have to manually select the punch in button as the system already knows if the last punch in was associated with a punch-out.

3. We have implemented the ability to connect with TriZetto using a SFTP connection. This will remove the need to utilize JAVA and create an updated security layer when sending/downloading remits (like Availity).

  • To implement this you simply just need to take the update on all PC’s and TRAKnet will do the rest for you.

Speed Improvements

1. We updated the way TRAKnet communicates with NEMORx. After the initial load of your patients chart TRAKnet will forever already know if the patient exist in NEMORx allowing us to streamline our ability to work between the application (especially when internet speeds low).

2. We have updated some login functions that occurred in the background. This has taken on average about 10 seconds off the login process (not including the removal of the button clicks above.

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