Referring Providers

This page will demonstrate how to add new referring provider records to TRAKnet 3.0.

Referring Providers

Referring Providers are the records where you will document the Primary Care Physicians and Referring Providers of your patients for use later. They are part of the data which belongs under the Properties tab.

Adding a New Referring Provider Record

The Referring/Supervising Providers section of the Properties tab will contain Referring and Supervising Providers in your database. To add a new Provider, click “Add.” The Referring/Supervising Provider editor window will then open, where information about the referring provider will be entered.


The demographics category of the Referring Provider field contains general information about the provider.

  • First Name, Last Name — The first and last names of this provider. These are required fields.
  • Title — The provider's title, such as DPM.
  • Company — The company name of the provider.
  • Address, Address2 — Lines for address information. This should be the referring provider's practice information.
  • City, State, Zip Code — As with address, this will be the referring provider's practice information.
  • Phone Number, Cell Phone Number — A place to document contact numbers for this provider.
  • Fax Number — A place to document the referring provider's fax number.
  • E-mail — A place to document the referring provider's standard e-mail address.
  • Direct E-mail — A place to document the direct e-mail address of this provider. Required for Meaningful Use Stage 2 Core Measure 15a + 15b.


This portion of the Editor window will contain provider-specific information.


The comments tab at the top of the Editor window will allow for any additional, internal comments to be added to this provider’s profile.

Finalizing a Referring Provider Record

To save a referring provider after they have been added, click Save in the upper right-hand corner of the pop up window. This provider is now added to your database and is listed under the Referring/Supervising Providers category in Properties.

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