This page will provide a brief explanation of how to use the Recalls list in TRAKnet.


The purpose of the recall list is to generate a list of patient's based on three criteria:

  • Facility — The facility at which they are located or primarily seen.
  • Days Since Last Visit — The number of days since their list visit.
  • Diagnoses — The patient's diagnoses.

Recalls are generally used in the context of Facility Visits, such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities. If the office has been keeping proper documentation on a patient's default facility and room number (found on the patient's Demographics > Other), the recall list is a powerful tool to track which patients are due for a visit at each facility. Both default facility and room number can be documented under the patient's demographics.

Generating a Recall List


There are two different ways to generate a recall list in TRAKnet 3.0, both from the Scheduler:

  1. Click the Recalls button in the top-right of the screen.
  2. Schedule a Facility Visit appointment and from the patient's tab, click Recalls.

While the Recalls button from the scheduler main screen is easily accessible, accessing this tool from a facility visit allows the user to schedule the facility visit for the patients generated in the result.

As previously mentioned, there are three criteria used to generate a recall list; however, any or all of these criteria can be left blank to run a list of all patients who have not been seen in 0 days at any facility and of any diagnoses. There are several things to note:

You can only search for one diagnoses at a time.
Setting a specific facility will show any patients with that default facility. If a patient is seen frequently at a facility, but the Default Facility field on that patient's demographics is blank, they will not appear in a recall list run for that patient.

After entering all information and clicking Search, the list of patients will populate. You may print this by clicking Print > Print, and preview with Print > Print Preview.

Scheduling a Facility Visit off a Recall List

As mentioned, a recall list can be generated from a facility visit. After scheduling a facility visit with Add > Facility Visit, click the Patients tab, then Recalls. Enter your desired search criteria and click search to generate a list of patients. To schedule all patients to that facility visit, click on the first patient, hold down your mouse button, then drag your mouse to the bottom of the list, until all patients are highlighted in blue. Once complete, click Okay and these patients will now be on your facility visit.

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