This page will explain how export a QRDA III file from the TRAKnet application.

Exporting a QRDA III file

The QRDA III file is used to export and submit the Clinical Quality Measure data to a registry. The following steps will walk you through how to run the Clinical Quality Measures report and export the data to a QRDA III file.

  • To run the Clinical Quality Measures report click Reports and select Clinical Quality Measures.
  • On the Clinical Quality Measures report screen select the following options
  1. The provider to run the report for.
  2. The date range for the report.
  3. The measures to be included in the report.
  • After making your selections click the Execute button to run the report.
  • Once the report has been ran click the Export drop down.
  1. Patients - Exports a QRDA I file for each patient in the report.
  2. Summary - Exports a QRDA III file for all patients in the report.

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