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This page will explain the Promoting Interoperability Transition measures for MIPS, and how to perform those measures in TRAKnet.

What is Promoting Interoperability Transition?

Promoting Interoperability Transition, or PI is one of four categories that factor into your overall MIPS Composite score. For more information about MIPS and its parent program, MACRA, click here. For the PI fact sheet published by CMS, click here.

PI effectively replaces Meaningful Use. Using many of the same measures from Meaningful Use, PI divides them into base measures and optional measures.

As TRAKnet is a 2014 certified EHR, users must submit 4 base measures on PI to receive base credit within the category. For partial or full participation in PI, you must also report on optional performance measures. You may also complete one bonus measure to help improve your score.

Base Measures

  1. Security Risk Analysis
  2. E-prescribing
  3. Patient Access
  4. Health Information Exchange

Performance Measures

  1. View, Download or Transmit (VDT)
  2. Patient-Specific Education
  3. Secure Messaging
  4. Medication Reconciliation

Bonus Measure

  1. Specialized Registry

The Promoting Interoperability Transition Report

The PI Report can be found in TRAKnet under Reports. The report can be filtered by provider and date range. The report also includes a Summary view, which gives either at-a-glance reporting information, and a Details view, which gives more in-depth information, including a list of patients that meet or do not meet the numerator for the specified provider and date range.

(Screenshot of report filters and measures included here.)

TRAKnet and MACRA, MIPS and PI

TRAKnet Version 3.0 is 2014 certified software and eligible for use for the successful completion of MIPS and PI.

TRAKnet Version 3.1 is 2015 certified.

The TRAKnet 3.0 certification number is: 1314E01PDRI2EAN.

The TRAKnet 3.1 certification number is: 0015EJE62AY3FL2.


After successfully completing the required reporting period for Promoting Interoperability Transition, you must attest to your completion. The Attestation User Guide provided by CMS will assist you with this process.

TRAKnet also offers a consulting service that will walk you through the attestation process, known as Attestation Made Easy. For more information please contact our sales team at moc.snoitulostenkart|selas#moc.snoitulostenkart|selas.

Training Video

See below for video instructions on how to perform Promoting Interoperability Transition in TRAKnet 3.0:

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