Production Totals by Doctor

The Production Totals by Doctor report is an Advanced Report that shows the production totals by doctor in a set date range. The report will list the number of encounters, total charges, patient payments and the accounts receivable per provider.


This report has two views:

  • Table - The report will display the results in a table with the following headers: Doctor Name, Total Charges, Encounter Total, Patient Receipts, Insurance Receipts, Adjustments, Net A/R, Doctor A/R Start, Doctor A/R End. The information is displayed for the selected date range.
  • Graph - The bottom of the report results will display a graph showing Net A/R by Provider. The X axis is the provider's name. The Y axis is the dollar amount.


This report has two filters:

  • Start Date - The starting date for the report. This will default to today's date.
  • End Date - The ending date for the report. This will default to today's date.

Sample Report

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