Phone Messages

This page will explain how to use the Phone Messages tool on the patient's chart in TRAKnet 3.0.


Phone Messages

Phone Messages are a tool built into TRAKnet to provide a convenient, easily accessible location for referring, storing and updating patient phone messages. While the use of this feature is entirely up to the discretion of the practice, typical uses would include:

  • Recording phone conversations with the patient
  • Documenting attempted calls to a patient
  • Documenting other communication made to and from the patient

Phone Messages are both created and later viewed from the Patient's Chart.

Adding a Phone Message

To add a new phone message for a patient, first open the patient in question. On the Workspace, or default, tab, click on the Phone Call/Message button on the right-hand side of the patient's chart.

This will open the Message window where you will have two types: Phone Calls and Messages.

Phone Calls
Phone Calls are a message type meant to document patient phone calls, as described above.
This message type is meant for inter-office communication regarding this patient and is used to communicate a variety of information about a patient.

For a Phone Message, select Phone Calls.

After selecting the message type, the Title will default to a generic format of "(Today's Date) Phone Call." You can rename this at any time by placing your cursor in the Title field, erasing the title already present and entering a new one.

Writing the Phone Message

Phone Messages are a free-text field; that is, you are free to type anything required into the Add Note portion of the Message window. If you would like to use a template for Phone Calls and messages, you may do so by going to (UserName) > Manage Templates > TemplateType: Message > Creating Templates here.

Sending/Saving a Phone Message


After entering the necessary phone call information, click on the Assign To drop-down menu and select a user to assign this message to. If you are not intending to send a message to another user and are simply documenting a phone call, it is recommended to send the message to yourself.

Click "Send Message" to send the message.

Reviewing Previous Phone Messages

To review phone messages that were previously sent, return to the patient's chart and click on the Phone Messages tab. All previous phone messages will be recorded on the left-hand portion of this tab. Clicking on a phone message will open a preview of that message on the right-hand portion of the screen where you may print, edit, or delete the phone message.

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