Payment Types

This page will explain the property value Payment Types.


What are Payment Types?

Payment types in TRAKnet 3.0 are data values that determine what types of payments you system can collect. There are several system values that come preloaded into TRAKnet. You may decide to add additional, which will be done under properties, then Payment Types, then clicking "Add."

Adding a New Payment Type

After clicking "Add" the payment type editor window will open. This will contain the following:

Description — The name of the payment, e.g. Patient Refund.

Three check-boxes as follows:

Use for Patient Payments — This is a payment type paid out by patients.
Use for Insurance Payments — This is a payment type paid out by insurances.
Use for Provider Payments — This is a payment type paid out by providers.

A grayed out checkbox called:
Reserved Payment Type — A field denoting the payment type as a system value that cannot be removed.

Pre-loaded Payment Types

Below is a list of the pre-loaded payment types and their usage settings on default. Note that while system values cannot be deleted, these may be modified - primarily to allow for situations such as credit card payments from insurance companies.

Name System Insurance Patient Provider
Adjustment Y N N Y
Automated Clearing House Y N N N
Cash Y N Y N
Check Y Y Y N
Credit Card Y N Y N
Debit Card Y N Y N
Federal Wire Transfer Y N N N
Financial Institution Option Y N N N
Non-Payment Y N N N
Other ANSI835 Payment Y N N N
SplitPay Adjustment Y N N Y
Write-Off Y N N Y

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