Patients By Diagnosis Report

The Patients by Diagnosis report is a standard billing report found under the Billing Dashboard, in Reports. This report can be used to bring up the total number of patients with a diagnosis or a list of names of patients with a diagnosis.


  • Summary – a total number of unique patients that have that diagnosis listed on an Encounter, broken down by the provider set for the Encounter. Please note that if the same patient has two or more Encounters by two or more providers, that patient will show up under each provider.
  • Detailed – includes the patient’s name, their birthdate, account number, the referring provider(s) for any Encounters containing the diagnosis code and the diagnoses on those Encounters.


  • Date – lists only patients who have a relative Encounter during the specified date range.
  • Diagnosis Code(s) – lists the specified diagnosis codes. Type in the code, separating multiple codes with commas.
  • Referring Providers – lists only Encounters where that referring provider is listed under the Claim Details section of the Encounter.
  • Locations – lists only the Encounters that are set to the specified location(s).
  • Provider – lists only the Encounters that are set to the specified provider(s).

Sample Reports

ptbydx1.JPG ptbydx2.JPG
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