Patient Statements

This page will explain how to use TRAKnet to generate your patient statements.

Patient Statements

Patient statements are generated on the Statements screen of the Billing Dashboard. Patient statements can be sent in one of two different methods in TRAKnet:

  • Manually printing and mailing statements based on specific billing cycles and criteria.
  • Exporting statements in a batch file to a clearinghouse, outsourcing the mailing process.

This page will explain both methods.

Generating Patient Statements


From the main screen of TRAKnet, click on the Billing Dashboard tab, then click the Statements icon. This will open the patient statements screen.

The patient statement screen has several filtering and sorting options that allow you to generate statements based on what criteria works best for the practice. A description of each, from top left to bottom right, is below.

  • Select — This button will allow you to select All or None of the statements.
  • Chart — This button will take you to the chart of the patient who's statement you are currently viewing.
  • Print — This button will print all currently selected statements.
  • Export — This button will export all currently selected statements to the selected clearinghouse, providing you have purchased that service.
  • Apply — Applies all unapplied payments. Payments are applied first to any office visits with a balance staring with the oldest first and then to any other treatments with a balance starting with the oldest first.
  • Reset Filters — This button will reset any changes made to the filters back to their defaults, as specified in Tools, Options, Patient Statements.
  • Groups — This dropdown will filter the list of statements by the patient group selected.
  • Last Name — This dropdown menu will filter the list of statements by the first initial of the patient's last name.
  • Remit To — This dropdown menu will determine which address is printed in the "remit to" field of the statement. This is the location where the patient's payment should be sent.
  • Hide Statements — This button will hide the statement print preview window.
  • Min. Bal. — Use this filter to set a minimum balance on statements and to filter out negative statements.
  • Max. Bal. — Use this filter to set a maximum balance on statements.
  • Days Past Due — This dropdown menu will show any statements where the balance is 30+, 60+, 90+ or 120+ days past due.
  • Days Since Last Statement — This filter will show any statements where it has been X number of days since a statement has been sent.
  • Monthly Due Date — Setting a number here will show all statements where the patient's due date is on that day.
  • Unapplied Payments Only — This checkbox will filter the statements to only show unapplied payments.

After using the above filters to determine which statements you would like to see, click the Refresh button or hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh the list of statements.

Selecting a statement from the list will open a print preview of that statement on the right-hand side of the screen.

Checking the box next to a statement will select that statement as a statement you would like to print or export.

Printing Statements Specifications

Patient statements print on standard 8.5" x 11" paper and will fit when folded properly, into a #9 Standard Business Envelope.


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