Patient Search

This page will explain how to utilize the patient search in TRAKnet 3.0.

Searching for a Patient


To search for a patient in TRAKnet, from the Patient Chart tab on the far left-hand side of the TRAKnet window, click the “Patient Search” button. This will open the Patient Search window.

The Patient Search window will list all patients who meet the given search criteria. You may search for a variety of criteria by selecting your desired search criteria from the drop-down menu. You must enter at least three characters minimum to complete your search. You can search for a patient by first and last name by typing in the last name,first name. (Please note that there should not be a space between the comma and the first initial of the first name.)

Once a search has been run, the patient search window will provide the below information at a glance:

  • Last Name, First Name, Middle Name
  • Birth Date
  • Phone
  • E-Mail
  • Direct E-Mail
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Account Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Comments

From this window you can double-click on the patient’s name in the list or click on the patient’s name and click OK to open this patient, click Add to create a new patient, and check the Show Inactive checkbox to also see inactive patients, highlighted in yellow.

Patient Quick Lists


You may also preview an abbreviated list of patients to quickly access their charts in the Patient Quick List section on the left-hand side of the TRAKnet window, below the Main Menu header and search box. The Patient Quick List will provide a preview of that day’s scheduler, allowing the user to see the time for the appointment and the patient’s first and last name.

Patients may be selected from this list by double-clicking on their name to open them in the primary Patient Chart screen.

To hide this menu and create additional screen space, click the Hide Menu button at the top of the screen. To search for a patient while the menu is hidden, click the blue Patient Search button.

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