Patient Portal Sync Service

The Patient Portal Sync Service provides the patient portal access to patient information to provide to authorized patients. This page will walk the user through how to setup and start the sync service for the Patient Portal.

Running the Sync Service

To start the Patient Portal Sync process, click on the file menu in the top left hand corner of the TRAKnet application. In the drop down menu select “Logout and Sync Portal Data”.


During the sync process this computer will not be able to access TRAKnet.


Once the sync has been started, TRAKnet will remain open until the Sync has finished. Once the sync has completed there will be a pop up to indicate the sync has completed.


Once the sync has completed the user can log back into TRAKnet or close TRAKnet.

It is recommended to complete this sync during non-business hours as the sync process will utilize resources resulting in slowness and system errors.

Installing the Sync Service

If the Sync Service is not installed on the computer you will receive an error when attempting to start the sync service.


To install the sync service run TRAKnet as an administrator and start the sync process.

Setting TRAKnet to run as an Administrator

To set TRAKnet to run as an Administrator right click the TRAKnet icon on the desktop. Select Properties from the Right click Menu.


On the Properties screen click the Compatibility tab. Once on the Compatibility tab click the check box that says “Run this Program as an Administrator.” and then click OK. (Please note the Compatibility tab may vary in appearance depending on the Windows version.)


After Clicking ok on the properties screen start TRAKnet by double clicking the desktop Icon. When starting TRAKnet while running as an Administrator you may see an additional pop up requesting permission to run the program. Click Yes to allow the program to run.

Once TRAKnet has been started as an Administrator follow the “Running the Sync Service” steps and the Sync Service Framework will be installed. Once the install and sync are completed you will receive a pop up indicating the process is complete.

Go back through the steps to set TRAKnet to run as an Administrator and uncheck the Run as Administrator box to stop TRAKnet from running as an Administrator.

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