Patient Portal - Patient Site

The Patient Portal's Patient Site provides the patient with access to basic health information gathered and recorded by the provider. This page will explain the different sections of the patient experience on the Patient Portal.

Patient Login

Patients will receive an invitation to the patient portal via email when the practice sends them a CCDA; The patient must have an email address in their Demographics for this to work. This email will contain a link to the patient portal and a temporary password for the patient. To login for the first time, click this link, and login with the email address and temporary password. Please note that this invitation will only be sent to the patient the first time a CCDA is sent to them.

Patients can also register for the patient portal with out receiving an invitation by clicking the register patient link found on the patient login screen. To register for the patient portal the patients email address must be on their TRAKnet patient demographic screen.

Forgot Password

If the patient forgets the password to log into their patient portal account, they can reset the password by clicking the forgot password link on the patient login screen. This will send an email link to the patients email account with a reset password link.

User Settings

After logging into the patient portal, the patient is able to update their information through the drop down under the patients name on the left hand side. The patient can also see any other patients they are the legal guardian for.
By clicking on profile settings the patient can update their profile information and add an image for their profile.
Clicking change password the patient can change their password and clicking logout will log the patient out of the patient portal.


The summary screen shows a summary of the patients information.

Provider Messages

The Provider Messages screen provides the patient with a quick easy way to communicate directly and securely with the practice through the patient portal.

Visit Summary

Visit summary provides a location where the patient can view, download, or transmit visit summaries and visit notes sent to the patient.


Appointments allows the patient to request a specific appointment time with the practice. Once submitted this will show the status of the appointment request.
As a patient you will have the ability to cancel and reschedule appointments from this screen. To do so simply click the cancel or reschedule buttons.

Educational Resources

The education resources screen holds all education materials sent to the patient.


The Documents screen provides a location where the patient can view and download / print documents provided by the practice. This screen also allows the patient to upload documents to send to the practice through the patient portal.


Payments allows patients to make payments through the patient portal. This requires the Open Edge integration and TRAKnet Cloud.


Additional Material

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