Patient Payment History

The Patient Payment History report is an Advanced Report which displays the patient payments in a specific date range. The report shows the service dates, posted dates and the payment type.

This report gathers the data from the Billing Dashboard > Payments screen, grouped by patient name.


This report has one view, a table view, that shows the information broken down by patient name. Under each patient name the Account Number, Service Date, Posted Date, Payment Amount, Transaction Type, and Check Number/Note are displayed. Each patient's payments are then totaled at the bottom of the table. At the very bottom of the report is a grand total line, totaling all patient payments dollar amount and number of payments.


This report has two filters:

  • Start Date - The starting date for the report. This will default to today's date.
  • End Date - The ending date for the report. This will default to today's date.

Sample Report

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