Patient Mailing Labels

The steps below for patient labels are still viable, however if you are looking to print appointment labels or mailing labels from the scheduler, click here.

This page will explain the best practices for obtaining information for patient mailing labels in TRAKnet, as well as provide the user with materials for further research.

What are patient labels?

Patient labels in this context are labels that contain the patient's name and address information which can then be placed on envelopes to send letters to a patient. While TRAKnet does not directly print patient labels itself, there are several tools available both in TRAKnet and outside of it that will help a user accomplish this. This process will involve two steps:

  1. Exporting the information from TRAKnet.
  2. Taking the information into Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to perform what is called a Mail Merge.

Exporting the Information from TRAKnet

There are two different places in TRAKnet where this information can be exported from:

Advanced Patient Search

TRAKnet includes an Advanced Patient Search module that will allow users to search for a list of patients and export that information to an Excel spreadsheet. This will is recommended when searching for patients by more specific criteria - for example, you would like to send mail to anyone who is born in the month of January, or who lives in a certain Zip code.

After you search for the patients you would like to export, click the Export drop-down menu and click Select Fields. Here you will be able to select exactly the information that should export - in this case, most likely the patient's First Name, Last Name, and Address information. Once you have made your selections, click on the Export drop-down menu once more and click To .csv file. This will export the selected information to an Excel spreadsheet.

Patients Query

In the event you need to send mail to all patients in your database at once, the best tool to retrieve this information will be the Patients query, found under Reports. To access this query, click on the Billing Dashboard tab in TRAKnet, then select Reports. Click on the Queries tab. The query you are looking for is called Patients (queries are in alphabetical order). Execute the query, click on the column headers to sort as needed, and click Export to export this list to an Excel spreadsheet.

Mail Merge

After you have exported the information from TRAKnet into an Excel spreadsheet, you can now perform what is called a Mail Merge to take that data and put it into a mailing label format. This will be handled entirely outside of TRAKnet: however, the below materials should assist you with this process.

Use mail merge to create and print letters and other documents
Make labels for a mass mailing

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