Patient Image

This page will walk the user through how to set an image from a patient's multimedia file as the patient's default image in TRAKnet.

What is the Patient Image?


The patient image is the photo identification listed next to the patient's name in the patient's chart in TRAKnet. On default, it is a gray square that states "No Photo Available." There are two ways to handle setting an image as the patient's photo: either taking an image directly, or setting an image that has already be taken and uploaded into the patient's multimedia file.

Taking an Image

To take a picture with a webcam connected to your PC, double-click on the gray No Photo Available box. This will open the webcam's interface.


To start the webcam, click Start. You should be able to see a preview of the photo you are about to take. To take the image, click Capture.

This image will now be set as the default patient image on this patient's chart.

Selecting an Existing Image

To select an existing image, you must first locate the image in the patient's Multimedia tab. Navigate to the multimedia tab and ensure the image is present. If it is not, click the Add Document button to upload the image you would like to use.

Once the image is present, right-click on the white background in the multimedia folder. This will open a drop-down menu. From this menu, select Properties to open a Folder properties window.


On the General tab of the newly opened window, the folder's name will be listed. Highlight this name and right-click > Copy or hit CTRL + C on your keyboard.


Once you have copied the folder name, click Close. You must now rename the current image file to the folder name you copied. To do so, right-click on the image file and click Rename. In the name field, paste the folder name by either a right-click > Paste or hitting CTRL + V on your keyboard. Hit Enter on your keyboard to save the new name.


Once the image name as been saved, navigate away from the current patient, then back again. The patient image will now be present.

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