Patient Forms

This page will walk the user through how to create an use patient forms.

What are Patient Forms?

Patient forms are a free form option in TRAKnet's template module that allow the user to set up custom documents to print for each patient. Patient forms are accessible on the patient's chart and will function similarly to any other template in TRAKnet, as it uses the same methods; as a result, the template creation quicksheet will prove useful in the creation of a patient form.

Creating a Patient Form

To create a patient form, click on the UserName drop-down menu in the upper right-hand portion of the screen, then select Manage Templates. This will open the template manager window.

Patient Forms are the template type of Patient Forms. To add a new form or edit forms, click on the TemplateType drop-down menu and select Patient Forms. Patient Forms have several default folders that we recommend. These folders are:

  • Consents
  • Consults
  • Correspondence
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Flowsheets
  • Imaging Results
  • Labs
  • Notes
  • OldRecords
  • Other
  • Other Studies
  • Pathology
  • Patient Visits
  • PriorVisits
  • Proc/Op Notes
  • Radiology
  • Rx Flow
  • Score Sheets
  • XrayReviews

However, folders are not immediately select-able. You will want to file your patient forms into one of the above listed folders when creating the form. To do this, after selecting the correct template type, in the second Folder field type in one of the above folder names. Directly next to this is the Name field. Enter the name of your patient form here.

Using the template creation guide, you may now create a template for any document you would like to be easily accesible for a patient. Intake forms, check out sheets, etc. are all forms that could be entered here.

Printing Patient Forms

To print a patient form, from the patient's chart click on the Patient Forms icon on the right-hand side of the screen.


This will open a screen with a drop-down menu containing the above folders. You may now select the correct folder containing your desired document to load the print preview of that patient form. To change to a different form in this folder, click the Document Templates drop-down menu and select a new form.

Note that if the folder you select has no forms entered, TRAKnet will alert you that no patient forms exits and the system will automatically load all patient forms from your database.

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