Patient Distribution by Zip

The Patient Distribution by Zip report is an Advanced Report which shows each zip code in the system and how many patients have that zip code in their demographics. There is a grand total row showing the total numbers of zip codes, states, and patients.

The totals along the bottom of the report show:

  • Total number of zip code records listed
  • Total number of unique cities
  • Total number of unique states
  • Total number of patients

As found under Patient's Demographics.


This report has two views:

  • Table - The top of the report is a table showing Zip Code, City, State and Number of Patients. The report will list Zip Code numerically and total the number of patients who live in that region per their demographics. The bottom of the table displays the total number of each column.
  • Graph - The bottom of the report displays a bar graph showing the Top 10 Distributions by Zip Code. The X axis is zip codes. The Y axis is the number of patients with that zip code.


This report has no filters.

Sample Report

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