NEMO Rx Upgrade

This page detail how to upgrade your TRAKnet application to use the new NEMO Rx prescription module
Please note, all users must be migrated to the new NEMO Health login screen to access TRAKnet after this update has been completed.

Turning on NEMO Rx

Once the TRAKnet update has been completed the NEMO Rx prescription module will be available to all users. Before this can be used it must be turned on, to turn on NEMO Rx please follow the below steps.

  • Log into the TRAKnet application and click the e-prescribing-prescribing tab on the left-hand side of TRAKnet.
  • Click the settings button in the top right.
  • ON the settings pop-up click True next to "Switch to NEMORx:" and click save.
  • Once you have clicked Save, you will receive a pop-up indicating that all providers and users must restart TRAKnet for the changes to take effect.
    • All users must restart TRAKnet to use e-prescribing after this setting has been changed.
  • After restarting TRAKnet the NEMO Rx tab will be enabled and the e-prescribing-prescribing tab will be disabled.
  • The NEMO Rx tab will now contain the e-prescribing settings. Please click Here for a detailed breakdown of the NEMO Rx tab.
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