This page will explain the NEMO Rx tab and functions available through the NEMO Rx tab.

NEMO Rx Dashboard

The NEMO Rx dashboard will show previous patients and prescriptions as well as provide access to additional electronic prescribing settings and reports.

  • Practice name – The practice name will be displayed under the NEMO Rx logo.
  • Recent patients – This will display a list of recently accessed patients.
  • Prescriptions – This is a list of prescriptions which can be filtered.
    • Pending – Prescriptions which have not been sent or printed.
    • Sent – Prescriptions which have been sent electronically.
    • Printed – Prescriptions which have been printed.
    • Canceled Before Sending – Prescriptions which were canceled before they were sent.
    • Canceled After Sending – Prescriptions which were canceled after they were sent.
  • Alerts – Shows alerts for refills or change requests, click Here for details.
  • Username – The username of the logged in user.

Side Menu

The side menu provides easy one click navigation to the different NEMO Rx screens.

  • Profile – The users profile information in NEMO Rx click Here for details.
  • Dashboard – Returns the user to the NEMO Rx dashboard
  • Logout – Logs the user out of NEMO Rx
  • Providers & users – A list of providers and users in NEMO Rx, click Here for details.
  • View/Export Signed Prescriptions – A report to show and export signed prescriptions, click Here for details.
  • EPCS Token Information – This section shows token information for EPCS and is only displayed for providers with a registered token. Click Here for details.
    • Token Status
    • Exostar Account
    • Resync Details
    • Limitation
  • Grant Requests – Allows users to change request permissions and review previous requests, click Here for details.
  • Audit Items – A report to show audit information, click Here for details.
  • Incident Report – A report to show Incidents for review by the provider, click Here for details
  • Working Hours – Allows the user to set predetermined working hours, click Here for details.
  • Exostar Sign-up – Takes the provider to the Exostar page to sign up for identity proofing services.
  • Rx Print Setting – Settings to determine how prescriptions are printed, click Here for details
  • About – Displays information about the NEMO Rx version
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