NEMO Health Login Issue

This Wiki page will cover common issues users have had with the NEMO Health login.

  • “API - Bad Request” error
    • This error indicates that the user information entered is incorrect. Please verify the following information.
  1. The email address follows email address formatting.
    • The email address should be formatted “moc.liamg|liame#moc.liamg|liame
    • No spaces in the email address
  2. The Password does not meet the minimum requirements for the NEMO Health login.
    • Passwords must be no less than 8 characters in length and contain at least 1 or each of the following - lower case letter, capital letter, number, and special character.
  • TRAKnet Password on Migration Screen – At the bottom of the registration screen there is a section where the user needs to type in their TRAKnet password.
  • “Unhandled Exception” when registering a NEMO Health User
    • This issue may occur when the practice has security questions enabled. To work around this issue click Tools in the upper left hand area of TRAKnet and select Options. On the options screen expand Security and set “Use Security Questions” to false.

* After making this change migrate all users and then change “Use Security Questions” back to True.

  • Time Clock – The Punch in Function when logging in is not showing users as punched in and is resulting in multiple punch in entries. This will be corrected in a HotFix the recommended action at this time is to manually correct the punch times through Time Clock Management.
  • Username – When logging in using the new NEMO Health login after migrating users the username field will be the email address entered during the migration of the user.
  • Patient Statements – The recent update made some changes to the statement’s module. If you are receiving an issue sending statements please check the following settings.
    • Click the properties tab and select Insurances. On the insurances screen click clearing houses and select the Availity tab. Change “Use Availity Statements” to False. Then go to the Gateway EDI tab and change “Use Gateway EDI Statements” to True.
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