NEMO Health Login

This page will provide a walk through for the process of migrating users to the NEMO Health login. The TRAKnet login process has been updated to improve compatibility with integrated features. This new login will require all users to migrate their login from the old TRAKnet log to the new NEMO Health login.

Migrating user logins to the NEMO Health login

To migrate your user login from TRAKnet to the new NEMO Health login please follow these steps.

  1. When starting TRAKnet you will see an "Online migration" button. Select the user to be migrated and click the "Online migration" button.
  1. On the online migration screen verify the information is correct,
    • Please note an email address, password, and phone number are required for all users.
    • Passwords for the Identity server must contain 8 characters and at least 1 upper case, 1 lowercase and 1 number.
    • Enter the current password for the user and click the "Migrate" button.
  1. After clicking "Migrate" you will be taken to the NEMO Health login screen.
    1. To migrate another user click the link in the bottom right to return to the old login screen.
  1. When logging into the NEMO Health for the first time the user will be required to select and answer a security question, once completed this security question will be used for user access if the password is forgotten.

Logging in through the NEMO Health login

Once the user has been migrated to the NEMO Health login TRAKnet will automatically open to this login screen. Here the user can login using the email address and password set when the user was migrated.


Additional NEMO Health login features

When using the NEMO Health login there are two additional features available.

  • The NEMO Health login can be set to remember the last logged in user by checking the "Remember me" box located just below the password field.
  • The NEMO Health login can reset the user password by clicking the "Forgot my password" link. This will send an email to the registered email address with a link to reset the password.

* Please note when resetting your password an email will be sent to the registered email. If you do not see this email in your Inbox please check your Junk mail box.


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