Multimedia Access Problems

Access to the TRAKnet Network folder or Multimedia folder is important for many functions of TRAKnet to work properly. Lack of access to those directories could cause problems with sending claims, sending statements, accessing the patient’s chart from the scheduler, accessing the options menu, as well as the most basic problem of being unable to see scanned patient documents. Resolving these issues is actually very simple. We just need to remind the server that the PC we are on is allowed to access the shared folders. The information below should help you resolve issue with accessing multimedia.

Identifying The Issue


In TRAKnet 3.0, you will receive a pop up warning immediately upon login if your PC lacks multimedia access. That message reads as follows:

The network folder located at 'network-path' is not accessible. This will create issues through the application.
Possible Causes:
-Current Windows user does not have access to the location.
-Windows User does not have the appropriate permissions.
-Problem with the network.
Please Contact your IT administrator to fix these problems.

In TRAKnet 2.0, you will receive a pop up warning when accessing patient multimedia if your PC lacks multimedia access. That message reads as the following:

Error -2147024893
the given path does not exist (network-path).

At a basic level, these errors simply mean that your PC cannot see the folders being shared by your server PC. Most of the time this happens because the server PC has a setting enabled called "Password Protected Sharing" and the server simply 'forgot' that you were allowed to access the folder.

Resolving the Issue

To resolve a lack of access to the network folder / multimedia folder you simply need to browse to that folder through the Windows interface and input the username and password for the Server's PC. To do this start at the PC which is receiving the error.

  1. Open up your My Documents folder.
  2. At the top of the screen, click on the Address Bar.
  3. In the address bar, type in the name of your server preceded by \# Note: You can find the name of your server in the error message you received. It is typically the first word you see in the network path.
  4. Example: \\servername
  5. Press enter.

From here you will be prompted with a login screen. It will ask for your user and password. This will be the username and password required for logging into your server PC.

NOTE! Be sure to click "Remember my credentials." This will ensure that your PC is remembered by the server computer for the foreseeable future. If you're not sure what your credentials should be, contact your system administrator or IT professional.

After you enter your credentials and log in, you should be able to see a set of folders being shared by the server PC. This should resolve your issues in TRAKnet!

If you are unable to browse to your server entirely or you run into other errors when trying to access your shared folders you should contact your system administrator or IT provider to begin a more thorough investigation.

Continuous Issues

If you frequently receive error messages regarding multimedia access you will want to verify that (after following the steps provided above) you have been clicking on "Remember My Credentials" after entering your credentials. If you forget to do this you will likely lose access to the network folders every time your PC is rebooted or maybe more often depending on the settings your system administrator is using.

If you're remembering to click "Remember My Credentials" but you're still frequently receiving errors, you may want to explore lowering the security settings for shared folders. Specifically, there is a setting called Password Protected Sharing that may be blocking PCs in your network from easily accessing the network folders. Speak with your network administrator or IT provider about ways to lower these settings.

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