Monthly Statistics - Credits

The Monthly Statistics - Credits report is an Advanced Report which shows the provider payments/adjustments by insurance type in a date range. This report will show which provider made the payment/adjustment and the location.


This report shows all provider payments, be them Adjustments or Write-Offs. The report shows a total number of payments per provider during the date range, with the following data:

  • Code — The insurance type code for the insurance set on that charge.
  • Description — The name of the insurance company set on that charge.
  • Location — The rendering location for the charge the payment is applied to.
  • Doctor — The name of the provider who is the "payer" on that write-off or adjustment.
  • Items — The total number of provider payments contributing to that line.
  • Amount — The total amount of adjustments and write-offs in that time period.

In addition to the above, a final column will be displayed which shows the grand totals for each location and provider combination.


This report has two filters:

  • Start Date - The starting date for the report. This will default to today's date.
  • End Date - The ending date for the report. This will default to today's date.

Sample Report

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